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Chess Catz

  • Catland International 
  • Formed: Jan 20, 2013
  • Cat lovers unite! We are generally the fourth-sixth biggest Cat group on! Our goal is to become the second biggest! (Beating the cats is impossible.) We accept all cat people; adults, teens, and kids. This is a fun place to socialize as well as a place to play chess! We play online games, vote chess games, 15-10 games, and blitz games, and we love cats! Enjoy cats while having fun playing games with us! We are friendly rivals and allies with Cool Cats. Please join!

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  • hey- Owl, wannt play me? i will play on and off- 'couse of school---

    by tigerzcat 7 weeks ago

  • Maybe if we played against another team we could build some enthusiasm.

    by GreenOwl17 8 weeks ago

  • mrow

    by Fblthp 8 weeks ago

  • Would anyone be interested in setting up a match?

    by GreenOwl17 8 weeks ago

  • i still am wondering, what is the point of a club?!

    by tigerzcat 8 weeks ago

  • i was away for 4 years from chess but back playing now

    by catsone 8 weeks ago

  • hey guys not trying to be a hypocrite but it'd be nice if you guys could be active

    by Kaikung1 8 weeks ago

  • Kick who? Kai?

    by CatFanShogl 8 weeks ago

  • kick him

    by thaij1 8 weeks ago

  • i am a grandmaster

    by thaij1 8 weeks ago