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  • Merry Christmas to everyone ......

    by chessmates55 10 months ago

  • Hi guys sorry I have been away from the group, I am hoping to get more involved ......

    by chessmates55 12 months ago

  • hello guys... i know been long time sense i've seen most/all of you... i'm participating in team match and there only 2 of us, urbanjedi and I... thought I'd call a few more of you to join if interested.

    by Dman4chess 2 years ago

  • CHESSLORDMWP accepts your invite, Mr. Wasabi

    by ChessLordMWP 2 years ago

  • hi

    by alexandernb 2 years ago

  • Hey Alex :-)

    by KingLeopold 2 years ago

  • hey

    by alexandernb 2 years ago

  • Hay alexanderb

    by CADZE 2 years ago

  • i play in ascf tournaments

    by alexandernb 3 years ago

  • can i join the team

    by alexandernb 3 years ago

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