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Chess for Life

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  • Formed: Apr 29, 2010
  • This a group for beginners, amateurs, and experts. If you want to be mentor, you can contact me or if you want a mentor, you can also contact me. We will play team matches, vote chess matches, and I will organize team tournaments. And I will give openings and so on.

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  • Hi

    by cj86yeah 19 months ago

  • It has been 5 years today 9/21/2012 that I'm playing chess here for fun win or lose, without cheating, no other account, to make new friends, to relax, to post something anywhere, to post my pictures, to be known and other things. Hope to see you more in years to come. Happy chessing and thank you all.

    by RayDuqueIII 4 years ago

  • Hello to all from New York City.

    by RayDuqueIII 6 years ago


    by killer_Rex 6 years ago

  • btw any hard open matches? thx!

    by ori0 7 years ago

  • thank you and thx for the invite!! ori

    by ori0 7 years ago

  • welcome to all new team members every thing on the group you do you must enjoy Chess fo Life

    by Scary-Lawyer 7 years ago

  • cheers hi to all

    by adeweyduck 7 years ago

  • hi thanks for the invite! the mentoring idea sounds realy grate! good luck with the team!!! :)

    by ori0 7 years ago

  • wlcome to all the new members hope you will enjoy it!! and please join the vote chess match and the team match

    by Scary-Lawyer 7 years ago