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  • Formed: Apr 14, 2009
  • This group is for beginners or any chess players that need chess help also I am also currently managing the TM LEAGUE 2009. If you want to learn more about this event go here: TM LEAGUE HQ And the recently created: TM Championship Are you new to Wondering how much cool stuff you can do here? Check This Out! I can answer questions you may have about, so don't hesitate to ask!

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    by BigFatDaddy55 4 years ago

  • how is everyoone doing on this fine evening?

    by artrice 7 years ago

  • hello chessfriends! one more player <1400 of your team and we could start:) i wish good games! snowy greetings, mark

    by kombeville 7 years ago

  • I don't pay attention to the ratings primmo1. A few of my games are against my good friend chessboxer and he resigned prematurely a few times. Middlegame I feel really lost. I want to stop that lost feeling.

    by forkU 8 years ago

  • I'm looking forward to learning

    by forkU 8 years ago

  • okn so what is up with all u peeps to day how u fellin

    by Junior_8 8 years ago

  • chesskitty, how do i get my rating from 1600-1700 to 1900? what do you think is the main point of learning to jump up at this level?

    by kingsquared 8 years ago

  • hey Peeps i'm new so what is this group for

    by Junior_8 8 years ago

  • ok i think im doing this right

    by anglosaxonhun 8 years ago


    by drahnev 8 years ago