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Chess Like Chuck Norris...

  • United States 
  • Formed: Nov 25, 2009
  • For ppl who want to have play a strong Chuck Norris. Post your favorite norrisism here..just remember keep it clean :) Or else...

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  • Hello Doctor Reverend Bird Slayer... still prescribing rotten birds to ressurect your live chess victims?

    by PardalsemCasa 6 years ago

  • hey :P

    by mikex22 6 years ago

  • we should have the other half of the group in that votechess game we got going on :P

    by mikex22 7 years ago

  • does anyone know how to lock in the team matches? I have one ready but not really sure what to do . thx

    by veggiegirlie 7 years ago

  • Don't know how but Leth's account is closed!?!

    by AnthonyCG 7 years ago

  • Hi Leth! Welcome AND congrats for being the first person ever to make a note! :)

    by veggiegirlie 7 years ago

  • Hey Leth. Welcome to Chuck. :D

    by AnthonyCG 7 years ago