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Chess Megatron

  • Top Secret International 
  • Formed: Jul 7, 2010
  • Hi friends we are forming a chess team that is subdivided into 3 groups namely JUNIOR MEGATRONS with ratings ranging fr 1500-1800,SENIOR MEGATRONS 1900-2200,and the SUPER MEGATRONS 2300-2600.This team has only one goal,to become one of the best chess team ever assembled.

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  • My boss once told me, its the position that seeks the man and not the man seeking the position that truly counts. I think you deserve to ba an admin better than me. I am holding to many admin positions. I am resigning my post as an admin of this group in order to attend to other chess groups. Super admin, if you would, please.... thank you

    by opticRED 6 years ago

  • I second this. Welcome aboard Tot Kan.

    by drknow 6 years ago

  • Happy New Year!

    by ichliebedich 6 years ago


    by sonny 6 years ago

  • Happy Holidays fellow Megatrons! Welcome to all new members!

    by Hugh_T_Patterson 6 years ago

  • Lamang tayo ng kaunti dito... http://www.chess.com/groups/team_match.html?id=50641... Sumurender and kalaban ko eh.

    by ichliebedich 6 years ago

  • I support Kingtotero as leader.

    by LizardCat 6 years ago

  • Metagrons, I like playing against Team 54. I was planning on going into a period of quiet study for a few weeks, but would break my fast to fight those guys.

    by LizardCat 6 years ago

  • I second the motion!

    by ichliebedich 6 years ago

  • Thank you to Kingtotero for inviting me in! I am honored! This is an excellent group and we will be collecting wins in our tournaments.

    by LizardCat 6 years ago