UK Tournament

  • United Kingdom 
  • Formed: Nov 6, 2009
  • This group is dedicated at organising and arranging an "over-the-board" UK based Tournament. I will be providing further details about the tournament with this group but if you are able to offer any services, please don't hesitate to contact the group admin.

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  • No its all on for next weekend ;)

    by Cruiseylee78 3 years ago

  • Have we all given up with this then?

    by RainbowRising 4 years ago

  • Dont bother advertising in team england. Not sure if anyone bothers since that obese welsh tyrant uses it as her own personal sounding forum and not a team to allow Englishment to represent their country in the world league.

    by Dodsey 5 years ago

  • I agree, so why did it never happen.

    by Cruiseylee78 5 years ago

  • How can those excuses stand when tournaments are created and run all around us, without the immediate support we would get being set up online?

    by Nytik 5 years ago

  • I think it was all debated to the hill b4. Finances and venue seemed to kill it.

    by Cruiseylee78 5 years ago

  • All we need here is an organisation committee. The participation would come through advertising both on (e.g. team england?) and through the ECF.

    by Nytik 5 years ago

  • Doubt we have enought members in here to get anything going.

    by Cruiseylee78 5 years ago

  • So, much as this was really successful and all... time for a renewed effort!?

    by Nytik 5 years ago

  • sounds like its you lot who need the education then ;)

    by RainbowRising 6 years ago