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  • Formed: May 13, 2010
  • A group for everybody who love to play chess and want to improve.

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  • Hi. Our team, Grupo Iberico, is ready to start the match. When you want start the games. Best regards.

    by DannyMartin 6 years ago

  • How about a vote chess against some other group?, I see a lot of members online but no activity.....

    by Galapagos 6 years ago

  • I am sure, we are winning the matches in progress?

    by gellusboy 6 years ago

  • poor poor Aprice-arch : - )

    by gellusboy 6 years ago

  • Teammate seckent, Is it right side up?

    by gellusboy 6 years ago

  • Sorry all! I can't play in that one since I'm a member of both groups. rules, not mine. A

    by aprice-arch 6 years ago

  • Please register to team match. We are waiting to three more people.

    by Stano28 6 years ago

  • Team Eowyns guard challenged us to team match. Everybody who want can join it.

    by Stano28 7 years ago

  • Ok, so anyone who care write here what is better for you : to play two matches at the same time or to play with white pieces and then with black ones.

    by Stano28 7 years ago

  • Stan "the man", thanks for such a quick response. You could also take a group vote, I was wondering is all, sometimes one game is good also. Increased focus, and the "one game win or lose (or draw)", very cowboy, if you will?!

    by gellusboy 7 years ago