ChessPark Group

  • International 
  • Formed: Dec 28, 2009
  • This group is for all of the members that came over from ChessPark, to get together and find friends.

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  • can i be a admin?

    by Aritra12354 3 years ago

  • chesspark was a chess site

    by Fullsize 4 years ago

  • have anybody seen imark from the old chesspark ?

    by joergen2 4 years ago

  • Is this group still active ?

    by joergen2 4 years ago

  • I Chesspark part of, I enjoyed playing there. It's a shame it disappeared.

    by barbances 6 years ago

  • What was Chesspark?

    by theblindtiger 6 years ago

  • where is chessparks members?i cant find noone from my +300 of myfriends in these groups

    by shokolat2000 7 years ago

  • Hello ..., is their any wuchess aktivity for join in? ... or caming wuchess soon back? Regards & thanks Volker

    by Schafgarbe 7 years ago

  • okay bak to the main question wuchess was with is it destroyed along with it?

    by Hobbes_NLC 7 years ago

  • its not a competition for groups, and chances are over time, many more may appear created by others :)

    by kohai 7 years ago