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  • :)

    by Kacparov 22 hours ago

  • I had to come back to this group. I have a paid membership to chess tempo it is getting good to me. I am working on back rank mates hey Bobby Hisher wrote a book on learning chess. back rank mates were the only mates. If he thought they were important

    by Stephenson2 32 hours ago

  • I don't think it will ever happen :)

    by Kacparov 6 months ago

  • hi, I just added some matches for team. This group was inactive for long time, but chesstempo is cool site, so lets make some acquaintance. Invite friend and play team games.

    by Azuxenus 6 months ago

  • @low rated ChessTempo players: Can you post a link to a few single-tag puzzles in the forum? My team will be going to a tournament soon.

    by LelaCrosby 20 months ago

  • Hardest Puzzle I've seen (rated 1852):

    by LelaCrosby 2 years ago


    by achja 2 years ago

  • Is this the most commented puzzle? 52 comments and counting:

    by LelaCrosby 3 years ago

  • Neat mate in 7: 74066

    by LelaCrosby 3 years ago

  • Most controversial tag: Smother -

    by LelaCrosby 3 years ago