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China attack

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  • Formed: Apr 25, 2010
  • Go China! Okay but this is an open section so players who want to join you can have fun and have good games. So everyone please join!! But if you want to join I will sent you a free trophy!! Join, Because the weapons wont wait long. Lets prove that we are the best! Oh 1 more thing you don't have to be in China.You can be somewhere near China.Like in Beijing.And don't have to be anywhere by China like in Africa.And wherever there is darkness we take it.

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  • anyway, happy chinese new year

    by hsong1 3 days ago

  • you are a naughty. you said you are quit. but you lie, lieing is bad

    by hsong1 3 days ago


    by JeffH2007 4 days ago

  • i do love it when you quitted that group because no person like you at all

    by hsong1 10 days ago

  • I am quiting this group because of you hsong1 I also do not like you at all hsong1

    by JeffH2007 11 days ago

  • even though i is on C&O, i do not like you

    by hsong1 11 days ago

  • framer! I has never doned such bad thing before! certainly, i is dealing with child. i is to talk to you not

    by hsong1 11 days ago

  • well hsong1 I also saw your note that said " Now I joined the group where is my trophy?"

    by JeffH2007 11 days ago

  • you phrased as if you joined because you wanted trophy

    by hsong1 12 days ago

  • no hsong1 I joined the group because I am chinese american

    by JeffH2007 12 days ago

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