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  • Cleveland, Ohio United States 
  • Formed: Mar 6, 2010
  • This is the group for all die-hard Browns fans, all over the world!

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  • I approve

    by Ihatethesteelers 10 months ago

  • Does anyone want to start a match with Steeler Nation?

    by mljonesqwe 11 months ago

  • I think it is still good. I'll admit the end of the year was bad, but I think there is reason to optimistic. Our defense is really good and we have a head coach who shows a great deal of potential. Our offense needs some help. I think we can fix our WRs in the draft and free agency, the QB situation will probably continue to haunt us though.

    by Grinmaster 17 months ago

  • Hey, Grinmaster, is it still good to be a Browns' fan? Overall, it was a better year than I expected, but the QB and WR positions still look like a mess :(

    by phil_pastor 17 months ago

  • It's a good day, to be a Browns fan!

    by Grinmaster 20 months ago

  • Hi, I'm Max. Just joined the group. Have you guys played any matches yet? Was just wondering what the group generally does (aside from talking about Manziel of couse, haha)

    by mljonesqwe 23 months ago

  • You guys want to play a match against the Steelers backers? Bring your A game!!

    by Grinmaster 2 years ago

  • Yes, hope he is either great or terrible and nowhere in between! Great first round picks.

    by apiscitello 2 years ago

  • I wasn't thrilled with the Johnny pick, but now that he's in Cleveland I hope he kicks some ass

    by Grinmaster 2 years ago

  • At least there is some hope. There was none the last few years until a couple games with Hoyer. 48 yrs of following the Browns and the last few have been the worst. Go Johnny go!!!!!!!!!!!

    by doublecorner 2 years ago