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Corpus Christi Virtual Chess Club

  • Corpus Christi, Texas United States 
  • Formed: Dec 23, 2012
  • This is a "Virtual" Chess Club for residents of Corpus Christi and surrounding areas.

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  • Hey! I am starting a Chess Club at TAMUCC. Email me at if you want to join. We are going to try and get scholarships for players.

    by TexasRookAttack 13 months ago

  • Any group tour tournaments coming up soon?

    by player-hater 24 months ago

  • I'm a BOSS!

    by practicemaster 2 years ago

  • Hey im a highschool student in the flourbluff area. Nice to meet you all. c:

    by BakaBunny 3 years ago

  • David, I am quite experienced in creating team matches. I'm too pressed for time the next 14 days to take on another. If you see my blog, I have set up tutorials on setting up team matches, vote chess and tournaments.

    by CaptainPike 3 years ago

  • wow...not sure exactly where to find it, but has a page devoted to this somewhere on their website. will try to find it.

    by sethwilliams 3 years ago

  • I tried starting a team match but I couldn't quite get it working. Does anyone know how to manage those things?

    by DavidZuniga 3 years ago

  • That's a good idea! I'll start a team match soon.

    by DavidZuniga 3 years ago

  • I know we have the tournament coming up, have you considered playing team matches too?

    by player-hater 3 years ago

  • hello anyone interested in a corpus chess tournament

    by LoneRider361 3 years ago