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Counter Gambit

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  • Formed: Jul 17, 2010
  • Join us if you enjoy a Gambit. Pronunciation: \ˈgam-bət\ Function: noun Etymology: Italian gambetto, literally, act of tripping someone, from gamba leg, from Late Latin gamba, camba, from Greek kampē bend; probably akin to Gothic hamfs maimed, Lithuanian kampas corner Date: 1656 1 : a chess opening in which a player risks one or more pawns or a minor piece to gain an advantage in position 2 a (1) : a remark intended to start a conversation or make a telling point (2) : topic b : a calculated move : stratagem

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  • I've been exploring the C23:Bishop's Opening: Calabrese Countergambit. It looks interesting.

    by Jabbok 16 months ago

  • Howdy Clint!

    by Jabbok 4 years ago

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