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  • Formed: Aug 20, 2013
  • 'Cricket' is a match playing group for all cricket fans from around the world and supporters of every team, from world xi to your local village, and it would be great if you joined too! We play regular matches and hold tournaments within the group, and even have our own competition between cricket fans of each country, with cricket discussion and banter in the forums / notes. I hope you join and get involved, it will be great to have you here. Thanks :)

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  • im supporting SRH as many of my favorite players are in that team i got tickets for SRH vs RCB I like both teams

    by varma25 2 days ago

  • Mumbai I do not see winning till they make Guptill open and drop Hardik Pandya, their batting sucks without him. RCB needs to rest Gayle so that his overconfidence shatters about having a guaranteed place even if he score 0 in every match. Raina has been a better captain, he should be promoted to captaining the Indian side as well over Dhoni. Maxwell and Faulkner have lost their touch they need to take a break and put the team above themselves rather than getting out on ducks or going for 10 per

    by dops78 12 days ago

  • Well I'm supporting Mumbai; more specifically Jos Buttler. He's on fire right now (well, if you ignore his debut duck, but made up for it next game), and if he gets into a good run and can fire MI to a few wins; then that would be great for him, and also for England. I can see him being the kind of batsman that Glenn Maxwell is; comes in at no.4 and keeps the score ticking through the middle overs, and also capable of hitting centuries (as well as his 360 degree batting).

    by ThomasJEvans 13 days ago

  • I'm an RCB fan :)

    by bowlerivory 13 days ago

  • 2 games in and a new team, the Gujarat Lions, lead the IPL. Who is everyone supporting?

    by Stickman13 13 days ago

  • Fine player who was only going to improve his batting. A big loss to the game.

    by mpearce01 2 weeks ago

  • Shame to see James Taylor forced to retire, but very wise to be sensible and not take any risks there. Phenomenal record in county cricket and it's just a shame he won't have the chance to do the same in internationals

    by Stickman13 3 weeks ago

  • Interesting how the only team to beat the champions the whole way through was... Afghanistan

    by Stickman13 4 weeks ago

  • Hopefully this puts both the Windies players and their Board in a good place to come to a sustainable agreement for the future of all their cricket

    by AmlasBeard 4 weeks ago

  • A great finish to a great tournament. Windies men and women win!

    by mpearce01 4 weeks ago