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  • Formed: Jan 15, 2010
  • For fans of International Chess Master David Pruess.

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  • Bummer. I noticed that there were no new Pruess vids but didn't realize he was completely gone. Let the record show that I disapprove!

    by benthefolksinger 3 years ago

  • I saw that there are live games still being played through his account, but I am sure it's not him playing under that account. If you look at all his games before december 2012 he only played members who were rated above 2000, with many being 2100+. If you look at the games after December 2012, the opponents have ratings mainly around 1400-1800. That's a big change and a consistently big change for a lengthy period, which makes me question who really is playing using David's account.

    by chess_kebabs 3 years ago

  • I've only just found this group. I was very sad to hear a few months ago that David was no longer working for I always found David to be very personable, professional, approachable and very helpful. He was definitely an asset to I wish him well whereever he has gone. I did notice his account has remained opened to this day.

    by chess_kebabs 3 years ago

  • He is still on here I believe but no longer an active participant

    by blackfirestorm666 3 years ago

  • What's happened to David? Any news?

    by Knightsight 3 years ago

  • hi. im new what do i do?

    by InDetention 3 years ago

  • Sincerely love pruess and his video lectures. As a fun aside, I love that his "and" is two syllables :P

    by benthefolksinger 4 years ago

  • Cool :)

    by blackfirestorm666 4 years ago

  • Oh yes he is awesome :)

    by blackfirestorm666 6 years ago

  • im ilovepruess on the tv series. i didnt know this existed.

    by tournamentguy 6 years ago