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  • International 
  • Formed: Jan 22, 2013
  • This is a group for ONLY the rarely selected people who deserve to join this group. We will play in team matches, vote chess and a lot of other stuff too great to mention. However, I only allow SPECIAL people to join, and if you are one of them, have fun!

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  • hi

    by Azmil7 18 months ago

  • Why no team matches? Please accept the one sent by Team Kerala

    by dbabudelhi 19 months ago

  • Hi!

    by Vaibhav10 21 months ago

  • :LOL!

    by Warrior200 2 years ago

  • God night? LOL!

    by rishikeshwaran 2 years ago

  • Ok! God night!

    by Warrior200 2 years ago

  • Mariaaaaaaaaaaaa! Hi Warrior, bed time for me, see you guys

    by Songyu123 2 years ago

  • Hello! Am there always, Hi telang, Hi songyu!

    by Warrior200 2 years ago

  • hellooooooo teacher songyuuuu ;))))

    by telangectasia 2 years ago

  • every now and again only Telang ;)

    by Songyu123 2 years ago