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Detroit Rook City!!!!

  • Detroit, Michigan, USA United States 
  • Formed: Jun 23, 2009
  • This group is for people who live in and around (or used to) the Detroit Metro Area (or anywhere in Michigan actually). We can do any of the typical group things (Forums, Vote Chess, Team Matches, etc.), but we have the bonus POSSIBILITY of meeting each other for OTB games (of course no one HAS to, just thought it would be a nice OPTION). We are also competing in the World Cities League, and can really use some more players!! Hope you can join us!!

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  • still on you guys

    by BiggMaster14 14 months ago

  • It looks like we had 30 members online TODAY. Plus another half dozen within the last week. That's more than enuf to start the ball rolling again.

    by Billium248 16 months ago

  • Ok, let's wake this group up. We need some activity. Who wants to be an admin and help jump start us again?

    by Billium248 16 months ago

  • I live downriver. If anybody wants to get together somewhere for an OTB game, hit me up.

    by Billium248 20 months ago

  • I don't know that side of the state very well, but here is some info on different Michigan chess clubs. Some of the information is outdated, but I hope you can find a club near you that works :)

    by jposthuma 21 months ago

  • I would like to know where they play chess on the East side of detroit..

    by gramps33 21 months ago

  • where do people play in canton, ypsilanti, ann arbor areas these days?

    by y0lorenzo 21 months ago

  • agreed. I'd love to see it get active.

    by Billium248 3 years ago

  • Sad to see that this club is as good as dead...

    by jposthuma 3 years ago

  • gonna need some help vs. san diego in vote chess...!

    by kyleevon 3 years ago