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DHLC Chess Improvement

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  • Formed: Feb 5, 2013
  • This is a Private Group for members of the Dan Heisman Learning Center ('DHLC) who are using correspondence chess and analysis as a path to chess improvement. If you are interested in joining this group, please also join the DHLC.

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  • Last day to join before our newest match begins. We have 13 players and have room for another 20 players. Please join. See you there !

    by Chess4Him 2 hours ago

  • Welcome new member from Russia, gluestix!

    by Chess4Him 2 hours ago

  • Yes sir!

    by Gilgaknight 19 hours ago

  • See ya there! Right?

    by Chess4Him 19 hours ago

  • Yes it is Rsava.

    by Gilgaknight 20 hours ago

  • I have never played a match like this. How does it work? Is the board already setup to be blacks move 6?

    by Rsava 21 hours ago

  • Much praise for those who have joined the match. This bodes to be one of the most exciting matches and opening lines. We only have a day left before it starts. We have 13 and they have 31. I hope we can reach at least 20 members!

    by Chess4Him 21 hours ago

  • You will recieve the news shortly, but a new thematic match is afoot and what a doozy!

    by Chess4Him 43 hours ago

  • Please offer a warm welcome to our newest members Jefimija from Serbia, deivid90 from Argentina, IM LavierGil from Australia and Gilgaknight from Portugal! It is an honor to have an IM present and a special shout out to GilgaKnight (Tiago) who has put together some of the most constructive and appealing forums on opening lines. I hope you all will encourage their talents here!

    by Chess4Him 47 hours ago

  • Thanks Chess. Yes, those are now what Erik is calling "Daily Chess".

    by Rsava 2 days ago