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DHLC Chess Improvement

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  • Formed: Feb 5, 2013
  • This is a Private Group for members of the Dan Heisman Learning Center ('DHLC) who are using correspondence chess and analysis as a path to chess improvement. If you are interested in joining this group, please also join the DHLC.

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  • No garantees, but I will certainly try to help Joe!

    by GoldenKiwi 16 hours ago

  • Glad I jumped back online! Welcome Ryan! I beleive Jason and Ryan are here to get involved in the King's Indian Match! Can't wait to learn a few tips from you all!

    by Chess4Him 20 hours ago

  • thank you for the warm welcome joe.

    by thegreat_patzer 20 hours ago

  • Do I get an introduction? haha

    by GoldenKiwi 20 hours ago

  • Hey Joe, decided to join this club, just to see how it is!

    by GoldenKiwi 20 hours ago

  • The KID open rated match will be locked most likely Sunday afternnon at the latest. Last Call! But the Bartender is hanging around...

    by Chess4Him 20 hours ago

  • Please welcome new members Jason (thegreat_patzer), WhiteKnight2001 and roblox29 both from Poland , and kentoppymaster from Nigeria!

    by Chess4Him 20 hours ago

  • CI J23 - "Learning from Dr. de Groot", is a Novice Nook article by Dan that covers a teaching excercise generating "protocols" (basicaly a recorded verbal evaluation of a position). He mentions in "Play and Win" problems, " don't give up until you find a solution because you are told there is one!".

    by Chess4Him 25 hours ago

  • Down south we have a great saying, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck...she must be a Chef! Welcome! It wouldn't hurt to share a recipe? Just kidding, we would probably have to sign an agreement not to publish!

    by Chess4Him 32 hours ago

  • Laughing at my introduction. I am not a professional chef, although I do make a chili so good that last time I entered a chili cook off, people wrote love notes to my chili on their ballots. :)

    by AngietheChef 33 hours ago