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DHLC Chess Improvement

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  • Formed: Feb 5, 2013
  • This is a Private Group for members of the Dan Heisman Learning Center ('DHLC) who are using correspondence chess and analysis as a path to chess improvement. If you are interested in joining this group, please also join the DHLC.

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  • Check out @danheisman's Tweet:

    by Chess4Him 27 hours ago

  • And there are no dumb questions, ask away. We all had to learn sometime.

    by Rsava 27 hours ago

  • In the Vote Chess match, if you are "on the team" there should be a posting box below the board with tabs on it. The one that says "Team (Private)" is the one to post messages about the game that only your team can see.

    by Rsava 27 hours ago

  • I feel like this might be a dumb question... how do I talk with other members about "vote chess" matches?

    by AdventHoly 27 hours ago

  • Welcome Craig! We will set up another thematic match, hoever, we have several vote chess games that can help develope a "chess Conscience" as Dan suggests. Any member, see "Vote Chess" in the group's list of activities! We need help and comments!

    by Chess4Him 33 hours ago

  • Hey Chess4Him, thanks for paving the way forward. Some matches against other clubs would interest me. I would also love to give commentary on others games if they would share. There are some really great people in this group!

    by AdventHoly 2 days ago

  • Morning DHLC - CI, our partipation has been dropping and that may be my fault. Time for a few themed matches? Time to focus on our vote chess program? I have been studying Dan's lessons on Chess Analysis. Let me share some recent finds!

    by Chess4Him 3 days ago

  • Greetings jbell35. Is it Johnny or John?

    by Rsava 4 days ago

  • And sure enough, he is here! Please welcome new member jbell35 from Canada!

    by Chess4Him 5 days ago

  • Thankyou for the invite, I am ready to take my game to the next level😎

    by jbell35 5 days ago