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  • United States 
  • Formed: Dec 26, 2008
  • For anyone who loves to play disc golf (a.k.a. frisbee golf), or anyone who may be interested in learning about this growing sport.

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  • i think my style is similar in both. I often play too aggressively and get into trouble. then i just wing it and hope for the best. and of course my chess endgame and my putting need the most work, yet i never really work on it

    by thunder197 21 months ago

  • The only difference between my chess game and how I play disc golf...I have more luck getting out of a tight situation in disc golf than in chess.

    by ElderSchmoe 21 months ago

  • true

    by thunder197 2 years ago

  • So, here's a question for you. Do you find your playing styles are similar in chess and disc golf? In chess, I play borderline reckless. In disc golf I opt to play safe more often, opting to lay up close rather than trying to nail those 75 ft. putts.

    by Bobbarooski 2 years ago

  • Ya not much overlap between chess and disc golf

    by argoscheckmate 2 years ago

  • wow! the first post in 4 years! welcome bob

    by thunder197 2 years ago

  • Greetings everyone. I just joined the group. I love playing disc golf, but I wish I could stop buying discs. Although they're cheaper than chess books.

    by Bobbarooski 2 years ago

  • I finally played a full official round for the first time last week and was 5 under. Not bad for the first time, I guess.

    by Awick17 6 years ago

  • That occurred back in May. So no, I didn't go. But I did play Lemon Lake twice last year. It's about a 90 minute drive for me.

    by Niven42 6 years ago

  • Are you gonna go to Pro Worlds at Lemon Lake?

    by starwraith 6 years ago