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District Chess Association,Chitwan

  • chitwan Nepal 
  • Formed: Apr 20, 2010
  • All players from Chitwan, Nepal are welcome to join this group. This group is Nepalese team supported by senior rated players. We play team matches and vote chess games against other regional or international teams. We also support Asian League and Asian Cup. Players from all our district and regions are welcome...

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  • hi to all members of this fantastic group, u all are welcome to send a friend I am a 60-30 and/or 45-45 player

    by Vibhav_G 6 months ago

  • hello. nice to join this group.

    by mechess99 2 years ago

  • hello it's me from kathmandu district chess association

    by galko 3 years ago

  • join this new team match please

    by nirmal123 5 years ago

  • join this match please

    by nirmal123 5 years ago

  • welcom bimal_sharma1981 in nepal chess club

    by nirmal123 6 years ago

  • New biginner join this team match please

    by nirmal123 6 years ago

  • All group matches can be directly accessed by clicking the following link - I request you to join open matches against Israel, Croatia, Mexico and Ireland :D

    by nirmal123 6 years ago