Dutch Stonewallers

  • United States 
  • Formed: Nov 26, 2009
  • This is a group dedicated to the Dutch Stonewall (no other main Dutch Defense variations need apply, i.e., the Leningrad). Also looking to discuss anti-Dutch lines for those who play 1. ...f5.

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  • Greetings Dutch Stonewallers. I have posted an invitation in your Forum. Thank you.

    by Ambassador_Spock 3 years ago

  • Hello

    by DevonianMoose 3 years ago

  • Hello everybody, dutch stonewall player here.

    by berrychess 3 years ago

  • Well, actually no...Just another old Stonewall group...Administrators can send mass emails to all members, right? You can notify them that you are back if they are still on chess.com...

    by EmperorDeath 4 years ago

  • There is a new group, I believe...that you may want to see...

    by EmperorDeath 4 years ago

  • Man I wish we can bring back this group...

    by monsterking 4 years ago

  • please do

    by DevonianMoose 4 years ago

  • Hi there....anyone else? No discussion so far in the forums...when I play the stonewall I will post it here...

    by DJAbacus 4 years ago

  • hello yes I'm here

    by DevonianMoose 4 years ago

  • Anyone here...decided to get into the stonewall as I like to play the French but after 1 d4 e6 2 c4 I need another defence...

    by DJAbacus 4 years ago