Super Admins


  • United States 
  • Formed: Aug 24, 2013
  • We are EARTHLINGS. We try our best.and most importantly our team sticks together through thick and thin. We play Team Matches. Make friends on the way. We play fair and hate bullies. If you can't abide by this. Don't join. Thanks

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  • thank you zippypinhead12 for joining

    by charles1949 27 hours ago

  • Who will do invites

    by charles1949 2 days ago

  • i will not take anyone off the team ok

    by charles1949 3 days ago

  • I'll leave before you kick me out charles1949

    by oscarmarquez 3 days ago

  • anyone wants to be admin let me know

    by charles1949 3 days ago

  • where is my help

    by charles1949 4 days ago

  • lets make this a fighting team

    by charles1949 4 days ago

  • if you want a chance to play very good team please get some invites in

    by charles1949 4 days ago

  • this vteam has a few matches please join

    by charles1949 5 days ago

  • Thank you for the invite

    by raymond17445 5 days ago