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East Midlands Vanquishers

  • East Midlands, England England 
  • Formed: Mar 13, 2009
  • A group for all players from the East Midlands who want to have fun and make friends with other chessmates in the neighbourhood.

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  • There is enough members from the east midlands to get this group going

    by thomsonfam 2 years ago

  • if this geoup ever wakes up give me a call.

    by BLUE-DRAGON 2 years ago

  • We need to get this group off the ground

    by thomsonfam 2 years ago

  • Hi John, I wouldn't say using but I am still are you?

    by rysta 2 years ago

  • Is there anyone still using this site? get in touch

    by thomsonfam 2 years ago

  • Hi all, i'm shocked this group isn't bigger, I'm looking forward to playing any vote chess or matches we get. Good luck to all with any chess games they play.:)

    by 71Moomin666 7 years ago

  • I'd like to welcome charlesriou to our group. Please feel free to join our current vote chess game which has just started.

    by glafnazur139 7 years ago

  • Hi chaps I hope you are all ok? Lovely weather eh? Let's hope it lasts a while. Anyway to get to the point I'm going to issue a challenge to Team North East for a vote chess game and an online game. I hope you'll be able to participate, it should be fun.

    by glafnazur139 7 years ago

  • hi, would be interested in match or vote chess, although suggest long time settings for vote chess as there are so few of us!

    by more_coffee 7 years ago

  • And a warm welcome to Timark too. He's another good player - I know coz he knocked me out of the East Mids Tournament and he then went on and won it!

    by glafnazur139 7 years ago

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