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  • Formed: May 10, 2012
  • Join this group to play Economy Chess against other players! Economy Chess is a variant in which control of the board gives a player an advantage. Information about the game and how to play is available on the forum. Good luck & have fun :)

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  • you want to try another exciting chess variant, take a look at you can customize your classic chess set with staunton triple weighted new pieces, you can create your own chess variant. look at for the rules (pieces are Leopard, Cannon, Archbishop, Chancellor, Elephant, Hawk, to come Dragon, Unicorn, Fortress, Spider and a Super Pawn). To buy them check the link at my website or at

    by musketeerchess2015 11 months ago

  • :(

    by pikachu11 14 months ago

  • Yes, sorry people. The group is basically dead. No more time on my side to keep economy chess alive

    by ElKitch 14 months ago

  • is anyone going to make a team match? I want to join!!!

    by pikachu11 14 months ago

  • it's dead

    by Kacparov 14 months ago

  • does anyone still use this group, or is it basically dead?

    by rob-cat 14 months ago

  • please accept our challenge :) Thank You! (Turk Chess Players)

    by Tmylmz84 21 months ago

  • My apologies to everyone for possibly not finishing this correct. I still love EC, but I really have to focus on MUCH MUCH more important stuff. Meanwhile Ill do my best to get a good 2nd version. The beta of V2 was pretty cool.. but really need some fixes..

    by ElKitch 3 years ago

  • But he is already paid in front... so he should finish. But he lives in Pakistan so all he has to do is delete my mail.. Ill keep trying and ask him to at least give a pretty good working 2nd version.

    by ElKitch 3 years ago

  • Greetings! Welcome back... I have a bit of sad news though. I have been trying to contact the developer in Pakistan but sofar no reply. But I also have to admit that my life has taken a couple turns (for the good) that require alot of attention and time. I think he think it has been to long to continue this.

    by ElKitch 3 years ago