El Tahrir Square

  • Anti Corruption Group Egypt 
  • Formed: Mar 7, 2011
  • No to corruption , No to bad Regiem , No to Teranny and Injustice . Yes for Repairing and changes. Now ,After 25 January Revolution , Every Egyptian can raise highly his Head . He can restore back his dignity and freedom !!!

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  • A great group, please join I'm Arabic,, link for the group: http://www.chess.com/groups/home/im-arabic

    by Ashrafaldin 10 months ago

  • wa alekm el salam

    by A_Mgd 2 years ago

  • Salam Alekum Sahbi!

    by Lawrence-of-Arabia 2 years ago

  • Waalikum AlSalam

    by EagleAA 3 years ago

  • Salam Alekum!

    by ThorValhalla 3 years ago

  • http://www.chess.com/groups/team_match?id=347962

    by A_Mgd 3 years ago

  • Relations between members here are based on love ,sacrifice,participation and full respect

    by mitto 4 years ago

  • Stand Strong; Stand Firm many People support You!

    by FCannella 4 years ago

  • go on egyptian guys !!!

    by mitto 5 years ago

  • thanks

    by angel_of_mercy 5 years ago