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  • Formed: Mar 23, 2011
  • Anyone who likes chess and Eminem (as a musician) are free to join this group.

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  • You can try to read these lyrics of the paper before i say em

    by Nethercremetation 3 months ago

  • ;)

    by NotAfraid 7 months ago

  • M&M's are good. ;)

    by hsong1 7 months ago

  • @Not Afraid I already saw that music video for the song "Headlights". I thought it was pretty good.

    by WilliamJohnB 21 months ago

  • Hello Stans! you guys should prolly see this

    by NotAfraid 21 months ago

  • @NotAfraid No problem.

    by WilliamJohnB 23 months ago

  • thx

    by NotAfraid 23 months ago

  • @NotAfraid Done. Now, you should see yourself as an admin of this group.

    by WilliamJohnB 23 months ago

  • can i get admin title?

    by NotAfraid 23 months ago

  • Nice...

    by Samsch 24 months ago