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Environmentally Friendly Group

  • International 
  • Formed: May 2, 2009
  • This is the group for environmentally friendly people. If you care for our planet and really doing something to preserve the beauty of nature feel free to join us.This is one of the few groups who focus on the environment,we focus of the chess and world environment.We give coaching to our players through posting of blogs and various other things.

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  • Please 1 more strong -1800-player! Go to

    by pbpostma 3 months ago

  • Urgent, Opponents Team is ready! 2 Players needed? Go to

    by wpostma 3 months ago

  • Hi guys! Just one more player needed against Sahovski and we're in business.

    by Red_Banner 3 months ago

  • Urgent, Opponents Team is ready! 2 Players needed? Go to

    by pbpostma 4 months ago

  • Urgent!!! 2 more players for this team-match needed! Go to

    by wpostma 4 months ago

  • Urgent!!!! 4 more players needed for this Team-match? Go to ...

    by pbpostma 5 months ago

  • So the 11-cities race wasn't on...but this is! Just go and enter?

    by pbpostma 8 months ago

  • Just saw on the News Someone changes water from a fountain into ice! Really rock-hard ice where you could skate on... I said to my wife (Wesley's mum) , " We need such a guy in Holland to freeze the canals, so the 11 cities race could go on!"

    by pbpostma 11 months ago

  • :) [waves]

    by EarnestDignity 11 months ago

  • It's rather cold over here in Auckland, New Zealand, Maybe the world is getting colder?

    by wpostma 11 months ago