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Equipo/Team Chile

  • Chile 
  • Formed: Nov 22, 2008
  • Este es el grupo oficial de chilenos en Son bienvenidos todos los que quieran chatear, conocer a otros compatriotas del sitio, participar en partidos por votación, partidos amistosos, representar a Chile en la Liga Mundial, etc. This is the Chilean group in All Chileans who enjoy playing Chess, and would like to participate in team matches or vote Chess are welcome. Our group represents Chile here in World League (WL). Members who would like to play and represent Chile at the WL are reminded that they can play for one country only and are encouraged to fly their flag accordingly. Members already playing with a different country team in official WL games, will be removed! The World League is the official league of international team matches where countries battle it out in fierce team competition using an internal ranking system.


Inicio Clínica de Ajedrez

Submitted by jorquerino on Sep 8, 2014 posted in Equipo/Team Chile News
El pasado 30 de agosto como parte del proyecto "Escuela Intercomunal de Ajedrez" financiado por el gobierno regional y ejecutado por el Club de Ajedrez de San Joaquín se dió inicio a la Clínica de Ajedrez en donde se analizan diferentes aspecto...Read More »