European Chess Federation

  • Europe International 
  • Formed: Jan 31, 2009
  • This is the site for the European Chess Federation (ECF), to promote all forms of chess throughout Europe. Membership is open to everyone, and it's here that you'll find details, scoretables etc. of the many great inter-country matches arranged by us under the banner of the European League. Please explore the site to see how it works, and don't hesitate to contact one of the admins if you have any questions. *** This team is for admins of European national and regional teams. The team is also the main headquarter for: - European League - European Championships - Team Europe

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  • lol

    by bumiputra 10 days ago

  • Please, where i can see the standings of the different groups?

    by kali_i_bekuar 11 days ago

  • I always find a cup of tea to be calming and restorative armend ...also deep breaths and yoga:-)

    by DEATHW1SH 13 days ago

  • Ilmago,I thing that the dialogue is over for now.We are waiting for Johan,nothing else

    by armendmulakaj1984 13 days ago

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  • Well said Mago and DW.

    by pam234 14 days ago

  • What an abnoxious creature you are Armend!

    by DEATHW1SH 14 days ago

  • Armend, if you wish to have a dialogue with me, please do not abuse the group notes here for this. I am not even in any way a director of the European League.

    by ilmago 14 days ago

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    by armendmulakaj1984 14 days ago

  • However, he is right that as an organizer, you are responsible to provide information to competitors, including statistics. by DorinN69.....Thanks dorinN69

    by armendmulakaj1984 14 days ago