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Everest Chess Club

  • Kathmandu Nepal 
  • Formed: Jul 5, 2010
  • Everest Chess Club is a Nepalese chess forum for players of all over the world where we can play team matches, tournaments, friendly matches & discuss about latest developments of chess. Thanks for joining our club ! Welcome to Nepalese chess community !!

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  • The Chess club Kom 2016 is inspired by one of the most beautiful peaks in Bulgaria - Kom peak. Kom is a peak in the western Balkan Mountains, located in western Bulgaria, not far from the Serbian border. The peak is 2,016 metres high and lies south of the town of Berkovitsa, of which it is a traditional symbol. Everybody are welcome to join.

    by keres1982 10 months ago

  • Namaste Mahesh sir , ma sanga Mt.Everest ko Picture 6 tapai ko mail add dinus ma send gari din6u ramro lage Everest Chess club ko home profile picture ma rakhe hun6 . Nalage just hernu and delete gari dinu hun6 !

    by jaycsa 6 years ago

  • current nepal champion Badrilal Nepali is our first admin ! congratulations Badri dai !!

    by mahesh97 6 years ago

  • I would like to thank all the members to joining our club.

    by mahesh97 6 years ago

  • Welcome to Everest Chess Club !

    by mahesh97 6 years ago