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Fighting Warriors

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  • Formed: Dec 26, 2012
  • Welcome to Fighting Warriors. A warrior is honest, brave and true. He will support his brothers in battle. He will never surrender. Like this noble breed, we will cut a broad swathe through the many opponents we face, at Welcome home.

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  • Welcome Maendeutsch, our new warrior. Go through the forums, contribute as u like, participate in the war of boards :)

    by avijit3001 11 days ago

  • thanks for adding

    by maendeutsch 13 days ago

  • Shubho Bijoya! Bijoya greetings to all great warriors. Mother is being immersed. The day is called Bijoya/Vijayaa- the day of victory

    by avijit3001 13 days ago

  • Happy Durga Puja to all!!!

    by avijit3001 3 weeks ago

  • Old is far better. Many problems aren't yet solved in latest version

    by avijit3001 3 weeks ago

  • Good Chess moves and Fun team games. Have a Sweet October :)

    by ChessbrotherJon 3 weeks ago

  • excellent avijit3001 great win

    by charles1949 3 weeks ago

  • Guys! I have put a new game. My first victory over an 1800+. Why don't u put ur good games?

    by avijit3001 3 weeks ago

  • Welcome Joey!

    by avijit3001 3 weeks ago

  • Hi thanks for the invite

    by TheJoey 3 weeks ago