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Finno-Ugric Chess Players

  • International 
  • Formed: Jan 26, 2013
  • Everyone who comes from a Finno-Ugric nation or just loves and is interested in Finno-Ugric culture is welcome to join. Tähän ryhmään ovat tervetulleita kaikki juuriltaan suomalais-ugrilaisiin kansoihin kuuluvat sekä ne, jotka vain tuntevat myötätuntoa näitä kansoja ja heidän kulttuurejaan kohtaan. Szeretettel várjuk a csoportunkba a Finnugor származású játékosokat, illetve azokat, akiket maguk a Finnugor népek, illetve azok kultúrája érdekel. Kõik, kes on soome-ugri rahvusest, kellele see kultuur meeldib või on lihtsalt huvitatud soome-ugri kultuurist, on teretulnud meiega liituma! В эту группу приглашаются все, кто происходит из финно-угорских народов, а так же те, кто просто симпатизирует этим народам и их культуре.

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  • g'day from Oulu snow stopped only about 6-8 cm -4 C temp..

    by beardown12 10 months ago

  • Hi!

    by Juhomorko 10 months ago

  • hello everyone.

    by LeoSelims 11 months ago

  • The Major, for one, has answered the call and has polished knights and blessed bishops and maintained morale of all 8 pawns..

    by beardown12 15 months ago

  • Hi. I ask all of you, to register to these two team matches. In both games ours is the weaker set-up, so come on! and

    by Anonymus99Chess 15 months ago

  • Let's put up a strong roster in our next EAL match!! It's now open for registration! =)

    by Juhomorko 16 months ago

  • Indeed! When we get him as our SA we can have a proper admin team working for our group!

    by Juhomorko 17 months ago

  • Hello! All active members! Please, support Bland_Joe as this team's SA. Please, leave positive comments in this topic:

    by Marignon 17 months ago

  • Please... :(

    by Bland_Joe 17 months ago

  • Я пытаюсь сделать так, чтобы эта команда была конкурентоспособной играя в одной лиге с российскими командами. Чтобы это было интересно большему числу людей в мире. А чего добиваешься ты?

    by Marignon 17 months ago