Super Admins


  • International 
  • Formed: Jun 22, 2009
  • We are a new and innovative team who participate in the animal cup. We are currently developing our team our goals are to finish in the top two of the animal cup; we aim to grow and develop everyone’s chess we are a friendly team who are ready for every type of player never mind how good or bad We are participating in the ANIMAL CUP. This group is for everyone who want to have fun and be fox!!! We are currently in round five of the animal cup and round six is soon to start. we currrently play around 2 games a month so there isn’t many games just fun, fun, fun also we play a few vote chess games however the games are getting a bit more frequent as we are in the animal vote cup but not doing very good so I think well be in the B division for the next round. We have around a 37% vote chess record but we are looking at improving it and a 70% team match record. If you need any more information the please get into contact with me.