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  • Orange County, CA United States 
  • Formed: Jun 14, 2009
  • The Life and Games of a Chess Clothing Company.....

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  • Their website is still up so probably.

    by RainbowRising 3 years ago

  • I love these shirts! Own Horsey, Fools Mate, Modern Game, Bishop vs Knight.Would like to know about long sleeve offerings.

    by elithepirate 3 years ago

  • No activity in two years? Are you even in business anymore?

    by JoeHempel1 3 years ago

  • Honored at your offer but I have to decline.

    by Kingdom_Hearts 3 years ago

  • Hi Endgame

    by dragonair234 3 years ago

  • when is the next tourney? I just joined

    by Zacob 4 years ago

  • Hey there! It's Fall! What designs have you all got cookin'?

    by quixote 4 years ago

  • That being said, we will have probably have 2 new designs coming out in the Fall.

    by Endgame_Clothing 5 years ago

  • 2012 will probably be pretty quite...what with the world ending and all. But we have some great stuff planned for 2013.

    by Endgame_Clothing 5 years ago

  • Things have been quite for a while...but we'll get the next tourney started soon.

    by Endgame_Clothing 5 years ago