Super Admins


  • tewkesbury England 
  • Formed: Aug 22, 2008
  • This is a group who believes in paranormal beings any one allowed

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  • Considering I've done nothing at all, it's spooky!

    by artfizz 2 years ago

  • Hello everyone , just got back from my leave from this site , i am very happy to say I am amazed how this group has bloomed ! , well done artfizz !

    by mathsart 2 years ago

  • You mean it could be a human playing tricks?

    by CatFanShogl 3 years ago

  • Are these Yeti researchers ... trying to win an IgNobel prize?

    by artfizz 3 years ago

  • Hi CatFanShogl! This is an eerily, quiet group. Your note just now made me jump.

    by artfizz 3 years ago

  • Hello! I just joined this. Yesterday at school I was with two friends. We saw the gost of an old lady wearing a chef hat. Then, it disapeared and we soon saw the face in the patterns of the wood in the forbidden area! I wake up this morning remembering that I put a helium filled balloon at the corner of my room, and it moved to the middle of the room, and that same lady face was on it!

    by CatFanShogl 3 years ago

  • I didn't remember that I was a superadmin of this group!

    by artfizz 4 years ago

  • 22 - 19 = 3. You have three Ghost Members. Should I call Ghost Busters (=Kohai) ??? LOL

    by LauriAikio 4 years ago

  • yes,i like:)

    by milad1990 6 years ago

  • ANY INTEREST in the TEAM MATCH challenge that's arrived from the FOOTBALL group?

    by artfizz 6 years ago