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Global Chess Society

  • Global International 
  • Formed: Mar 17, 2012
  • Welcome! to the Global Chess Society the aim of this group is to make it the most strongest group with the unity of the world.Anyone can join this group if they are interested in learning, developing and sharing their chess ideas here. And to play Vote chess matches as well as Team matches. Global Chess Team.

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  • John-warner if you post a News post. It will be sent to all members.

    by Fullsize 4 years ago

  • As of Saturday November 17th,I am the new guy running Global Chess Society.I am completely new to this so give me some time to figure out how to set everything up.If anyone is interested in helping me explore these new waters,send me a note and I will make you an administrator of the group.

    by john-warner 4 years ago

  • Each Group now has a Chatroom.

    by Fullsize 5 years ago