GMJoey Fan Club

  • International 
  • Formed: Dec 22, 2012
  • This Group is dedicated to one of the BEST and active GMs on Chess.Com Mr Rogelio Antonio A.K.A GM Joey1. Anyone who appreciate his chess games welcome to join us!

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  • Are there any team matches for this group?

    by bankwire9 6 hours ago

  • There is no match for this group! so no team matches or stuff like that

    by Haggard-CC 45 hours ago

  • > create a new team match/view open challenges

    by Mayoigo5 46 hours ago

  • does anybody here knows how to make online game matches for this club?

    by biboy1976 47 hours ago

  • you can watch Joey's titled tuesday games on YOUTUBE, see the forums

    by Haggard-CC 3 days ago

  • Rogelio checkmate outstanding citizen, don't try this at home, Antonias Jnr

    by kingspasski 8 days ago

  • King Joey is chess President

    by bosowata 14 days ago

  • GM Joey endorsing dacha system?

    by bankwire9 2 weeks ago

  • Hi Dedy

    by bankwire9 3 weeks ago

  • hiii... all legion :P

    by Dedy_Pohan 3 weeks ago