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  • Formed: Dec 22, 2012
  • This Group is dedicated to one of the BEST and active GMs on Chess.Com Mr Rogelio Antonio A.K.A GM Joey1. Anyone who appreciate his chess games welcome to join us!

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  • Hello Everyone

    by SydJabari 3 weeks ago

  • joey we missed your marathons :3

    by Haggard-CC 5 weeks ago

  • congrats idol gm joey ...

    by ROCKDWORLDTAN 5 weeks ago

  • thank you lord for winning the 2016 Merdeka Chess Festival

    by gmjoey1 5 weeks ago


    by gmjoey1 5 weeks ago

  • GM Joey good luck in Baku

    by seamonstar 7 weeks ago

  • i

    by MagnutsCarleson 8 weeks ago

  • look at joey's new profile picture:

    by Haggard-CC 2 months ago

  • ;3

    by newnew777 2 months ago

  • ya

    by Momocurry 2 months ago


Masterpiece of a Win

Submitted by Haggard-CC on Jun 22, 2016 posted in GMJoey Fan Club News JOEY sacs everything! Almost all pieces are hanging at some point. What a brilliant attack! enJOEY™   Read More »