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  • New Orleans, LA International 
  • Formed: Apr 20, 2009
  • This is a group that welcomes talk during play so that we can learn from each other. we grow mature when we teach others. every game can be a mentoring game!!!!!!!!

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  • viva New Orleans! How's Jude?

    by ruelasker 7 years ago

  • Sayonara Suckas!

    by Woodwright 7 years ago

  • I tried to challenge everyone in this group that is within a couple of hundred points of the rating this site has given me (it was about 1350+ at the time). Anyone that I left out or that is interested in a game, please challenge me. I am willing to lose to a highly rated player or give a lowly rated player a challenge. I usually move daily, but prefer 5 days so hardware issues do not ruin a good game.

    by ChristDied4U 7 years ago

  • hello everyone

    by NOLAUPT 7 years ago

  • whats good team

    by NOLAUPT 7 years ago

  • whats up

    by NOLAUPT 7 years ago

  • we need people to vote in the games

    by NOLAUPT 7 years ago

  • i like team matches so if you'd like to get some of those vote requires alot of correspondence back and forth before u all decide on a vote and it's better if they are online at the same time

    by DBLUEHAZE 7 years ago

  • alright

    by NOLAUPT 7 years ago

  • Hey nola we aren't going to take on any new vote games.. we don't have the team big enough yet so lets slow down on vote games....

    by DBLUEHAZE 7 years ago

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