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International Amateur Chess Club (Rated 300-1000)

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  • Formed: Mar 18, 2013
  • International Amateur Chess Club aims to improve on chess. Study Chess Includes Openings and Principles,Middlegame,Chess Strategies, Tactics, Endgames, and Basic Chess Concepts.The Club Provides Activities and Puzzles to Test the skills learned. The Club Participates in Chess Matches, Vote Chess, and Tournaments. The club Welcomes all New-to-Chess Players and Beginners Rated 600-900. We offer a Free one-one-one Coaching service. Just downoload the Operating system: http://www.babaschess.net/ And Register in the Internat Chess Server: http://www.freechess.org/ And message Coach Gregory(username:PR3DATORS) for the Coaching Service.