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Japan Chess Gaijins

  • Japan 
  • Formed: Jun 11, 2009
  • This group is intended for the chess-playing foreigners who are currently in Japan or been in Japan. Let us come & join this group and enjoy playing chess together. We can also exchange information about possibility of joining any chess club in Japan and play OTB tournament on weekends & holidays.

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  • Is there a chess community around Kyoto or Kansai area?

    by Daeilius 5 months ago

  • Anyone around Kobe City?

    by SatoruNorinaga 6 months ago

  • anyone near Matsumoto City?

    by tripler34 21 months ago

  • Ah so, is Sakurajima still "smoking"? Bandung still 'ame desu"

    by jem1742 3 years ago

  • Usually the only powder we get from the sky is the ash fall from sakurajima. Sadly snow though is rare.

    by LeggomyEigo 3 years ago

  • thanks, boku wa showa 40 nen kyudai syushin da.....how is Kagoshima now, is there snow like in Tokyo??

    by jem1742 3 years ago

  • I live in Kagoshima Jem.

    by LeggomyEigo 3 years ago

  • Hi LeggomyEigo, doko ni sunderu no? Otaku no tokoro, chesu yateru hito wa itru no kai?? This group is almost sinde iru!!

    by jem1742 3 years ago

  • It's a lazy way to ask what the day's schedule is.

    by LeggomyEigo 3 years ago

  • Is this place dead?

    by LeggomyEigo 4 years ago