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  • Formed: Feb 1, 2013
  • This is a group for all Jazz and Chess lovers, who like to play chess against each other or other groups. About Jazz. This group wants to be a place where you can find out and share new or forgotten Artists you like!!

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  • Peyroux ( french origins ) is excellent , but she is more blues then jazz ...

    by barefootprimadonna 2 weeks ago

  • Been listening to Madeleine Peyroux for the last weeks.. love her sound!

    by Frederik 2 weeks ago

  • today 30.04 is international jazz day, with a super concert tonight in washington DC and many other concerts around the world. join if you can:

    by el_ekeko 4 weeks ago

  • last call, our team has 2 players only there:

    by el_ekeko 6 weeks ago

  • hi all, we need more players all ranges here:

    by el_ekeko 7 weeks ago

  • it's my own group i hope you like it

    by Nicojazz 2 months ago

  • 1100+ welcome for the match announced before...

    by el_ekeko 3 months ago

  • in the meantime we can still play chess! here a new match against scottish team Renfrewshire Rooks - join if you can :

    by el_ekeko 3 months ago

  • I would like to be an admin of this group, but more reality is that we must contact stuff members,they will put someone on SA place but he or she must be a premium member...

    by -tesa- 3 months ago

  • regarding Chick Corea, I saw him in North Sea Jazz, along with Gary Burton. it was good, but I would like to see the Electric Orchestra version

    by el_ekeko 3 months ago

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