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Jazz Club

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  • Formed: Feb 1, 2013
  • This is a group for all Jazz and Chess lovers, who like to play chess against each other or other groups. About Jazz. This group wants to be a place where you can find out and share new or forgotten Artists you like!!

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  • Count me in!

    by dickieskillz 3 months ago

  • hello, we have so far just 2 players, in match below, anyone else interested?

    by el_ekeko 3 months ago

  • hello, a new match for all 1200-2300 vs Вежливые люди : join and have fun playing!

    by el_ekeko 3 months ago

  • Everybody come to new Tournament called"Great Chick Corea" Pls join!

    by soulman2001 3 months ago

  • Great SoulJazz Trio Soulive: I hope, you enjoy!

    by soulman2001 3 months ago

  • Tigran Hamasyan is great!

    by soulman2001 3 months ago

  • good morning @all

    by OooLiLiTHooO 4 months ago

  • enjoy "Spain"

    by el_ekeko 4 months ago

  • happy birthday Chick Corea! I wish you many more years creating great music!

    by el_ekeko 4 months ago

  • Peyroux ( french origins ) is excellent , but she is more blues then jazz ...

    by barefootprimadonna 5 months ago

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