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  • The Knights Castle International 
  • Formed: Jul 10, 2008
  • You will learn about the maneuvers about the knight e.g -puzzles,GAMES and many more Its an opportunity too learn about the knight!

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  • Qualified Knights are invited to join the White Knights of the King's Indian Attack. See the forum topic to join.

    by Ambassador_Spock 3 years ago

  • If your team is ready for the match " Knights get very dark" against the Smiling Assassins, please lock your'e roster and we will get it underway. Thanks.

    by knightspawn5 7 years ago

  • Had a blast with you folks. is interfering with my studies. Going to trim back on the groups and games for a while. Thanks for the great games!

    by Fonix 7 years ago

  • cos i havent been on for days

    by Abarai 7 years ago

  • why is everybody exept me an admin?:(

    by ClubPenguincreator 7 years ago

  • :D

    by JClauds 7 years ago

  • eLow all..:D

    by JClauds 7 years ago

  • its fabulous!

    by Abarai 8 years ago

  • People try the knights endgame!

    by Abarai 8 years ago

  • Can anyone solve the knight endgame?

    by Abarai 8 years ago