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  • kobe is not the NVP NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by jacobchess17 5 years ago

  • Bryyyyyaaaaant a livin' legend !!!

    by Mare-Todd 7 years ago

  • Vomit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BLEACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!Die you rapist elitist self centered ohh sorry thank for the invite. yeah fakers!!!

    by pawnsolo2 7 years ago

  • i'm in both teams so i can't join the match. sorry guys.

    by TheUnderdog 7 years ago

  • yeah your right

    by raphs 8 years ago

  • i actually want Jose (Inter) back but i guess we just have to live with Ancelotti (AC) lol

    by TheUnderdog 8 years ago

  • I do care we are playing Cleveland or Orlarado depending on who wins

    by raphs 8 years ago

  • underdog, raphs couldnt care less bout nba. go liverpool

    by Minishaps 8 years ago

  • hint: AC Milan

    by TheUnderdog 8 years ago

  • yeah bit sad to see Guus go. I wonder who the next manager will be

    by raphs 8 years ago