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League of Extraordinary Gentle(wo)men

  • International 
  • Formed: Jan 25, 2011
  • Bullet Bosses! Tournaments that are finally "Bullet" only. Once you have joined and been welcomed to this "Exclusive" Invites only club. You will be notified whilst online if you would like to take part in a "Bullet" Tournament. It's that easy. Trophies and special presentations will be awarded straight after event. Thank you, League of Extraordinary Gentle(wo)men

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  • erfyyy :)

    by PaulJansen 4 years ago

  • where is paul ?

    by Erfi_K 4 years ago

  • 2 teammatches started, let's get ready to have some fun :)

    by PaulJansen 5 years ago

  • Love bullet tournaments, we have run a couple in my group Chess Nuts, fun fun, so definitely am in here!.. *smiles at all the familiar faces*

    by chess_kebabs 6 years ago

  • TQ George and hi all

    by strekoza 6 years ago

  • Shouldn't be long before our first Tournament guys and gals....... : )))))))

    by George1st 6 years ago

  • Hi every-buuuuuuuddy :D

    by JacksRevenge 6 years ago

  • hi all girls..

    by almisso 6 years ago

  • hiii, i'm new in this group ^.^

    by Fire_PenguiN 6 years ago

  • Hey Bianca you look pretty. How do you have so much time to be a WGM? Something wrong with the guys in Tilburg?

    by royalbishop 6 years ago