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lVlayhem in the lVlorra

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  • Formed: Sep 19, 2013
  • This group is for people who love to play the Smith-Morra Gambit, or any gambit at all! We organize Morra tournaments (well, after I get my timeout ratio less than 15% :P) and matches. Credit to Marc Esserman for writing the amazing Mayhem in the Morra book!

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  • hi members

    by CRAMV 2 years ago

  • I signed up for some of these matches but they never started. It now looks like some of them removed a bunch of people, myself included, and then started. :(

    by iamdave220 3 years ago

  • of my group? You need to be 1600+ echess.

    by aussiedj 3 years ago

  • I'm joining theirs as well, the more the merrier IMO.

    by Proselyte_7 3 years ago

  • Sounds good aussie! Do you know how to delete a group?

    by 1random 3 years ago

  • That would probably make the most sense. I may have to take a break from chess for a while, I've become addicted to it and it's taking over my life.

    by AdorableMogwai 3 years ago

  • hey! what about my group? You copied my group!!!! Can't we just have 1 big Smith-Morra Gambit group. 1random, you can be SA and AdorableMogwai can be admin in my Group! What do ya think? It's up to you. Either War, or Friendship

    by aussiedj 3 years ago

  • Let me know anyone if you want to practice some Smith-Morra games as white, I'll play as black. Tell me a defensive system you want to practice against as white and I'll study up on it and play it as black.

    by AdorableMogwai 3 years ago

  • Played 3 more Smith-Morra gambit games as white tonight, I had two wins and one loss with it, and one of the wins was against the second highest rated player I've beaten on chess.com so far. One of the guys used one of the defensive systems too and I still beat him.

    by AdorableMogwai 3 years ago

  • Hey everyone, tonight I beat the highest rated player I've beaten on Chess.com so far using the Smith-Morra gambit. He was rated 1500 but after accepting the gambit made the mistake of continuing in normal Sicilian development with nc6, d6, nf6. Of course this is the second worst way black can continue after accepting the gambit. If the most basic trap in the Morra can catch out a 1500 player, imagine the potential of all the subtler traps in it. I was fully prepared had he used one of the defen

    by AdorableMogwai 3 years ago