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  • Formed: Jun 19, 2009
  • a group for anyone that likes or wants to learn Thai Chess(Makruk)

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  • what is thai chess

    by mysticturtle1 3 weeks ago

  • Sorry for my very late reply!

    by ramalam 2 years ago

  • is possible play makruk in

    by kortcnoj75 2 years ago

  • Hi kortcnoj75 . Would you like a game of Makruk?

    by ramalam 3 years ago

  • hi, iam italian chess player, but i like makruk!

    by kortcnoj75 3 years ago

  • ?

    by ramalam 3 years ago

  • Hi Sarum , are you knew here

    by ramalam 3 years ago

  • Hello! I'n Sarrum (aka MazetaFighter)

    by sarrum 4 years ago

  • hi Im thaiman

    by tortui 4 years ago

  • Block is not the solution. Talk could be.

    by joaoporto 4 years ago