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  • Formed: Jul 22, 2011
  • Come and join this group and master the world of chess! We will be playing many team vote chess and team chess. So get ready to Have fun! I am trying to expand this group so I would love if you could help! This group is made up of people from all around the globe! Feel free to join! We are VERY good at playing chess as you can see. Just come on join and see for yourself.

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  • Si pentru ca azi este ,,8 MARTIE'' un calduros ,,LA MULTI ANI !'' si un buchet de garoafe rosii tuturor doamnelor si domnisoarelor[ colege sahiste in echipele unde suntem colegi ] , sotiilor colegilor si prietenilor din tara si peste hotare dar si tuturor sahistelor de pe saitul !

    by Geticus 8 weeks ago

  • thanks

    by jayav 16 months ago

  • Welcome!

    by happyface79 16 months ago

  • hi my name is Jay and i am new to this group

    by jayav 16 months ago

  • Same to you!

    by happyface79 16 months ago

  • La multi ani ! prieteni

    by Geticus 16 months ago

  • Hi im back!

    by awsomeness321 2 years ago

  • can you please lock your team int his game: The match started more than a year ago. Thanks!

    by tjdiem 2 years ago

  • season's greetings and happy holidays to one and all.

    by BigdogP 2 years ago

  • Thanks, Merry Christmas to all

    by happyface79 2 years ago