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  • that remains to be seen...Nick has looked unstoppable lately but so had jake shields.

    by sclasclemski 5 years ago

  • I was disapointed as well. GSP is great fighter, but he hasn't been putting on great shows. Jumping up a weight class would be fun to see.

    by EricRussell 6 years ago

  • My prediction is that gsp will dominate, but that shields will hold on until a decision.

    by EricRussell 6 years ago

  • Anything could happen tonight, but the vegas betting odds heavily favor GSP, and vegas does it's research.

    by EricRussell 6 years ago

  • As long as JDS has the Takedown Def...then I dont believe Brock will have much of a shot...he really doesn't like getting punched and damn Junior hits hard too. I would love to see Junior vs Shane Carwin

    by sclasclemski 6 years ago

  • They are also the only fighters I know of that compete in triathlon, to get in shape before a fight. I love to hate the Diaz brothers. I think I both like and dislike their attitude at the same time..

    by bikkja 6 years ago

  • I have growncold on Nate general that whole camp is the beginning I was just annoyed by the Diaz brothers attitudes but Nick definitely performs...Nate has not done enough in my eyes to act the way he does...even though I know thats his personallity it still turns me off.

    by sclasclemski 6 years ago

  • ya, there are so many similarities between chess and mma. Shields may keep him at bay for 1-2 rounds, and even connect a few on the ground, but if gsp can find his groove, I think he'll find weakness and exploit it.

    by EricRussell 6 years ago

  • I'm still here! GSP all the way, no doubt.

    by EricRussell 6 years ago

  • hi:, may i kick butts too?...

    by alwaysmated 7 years ago