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Musical Chessmen

  • International 
  • Formed: Jan 23, 2013
  • We are a group of chess players who also love music. We also like to play 960 chess. The 960 variation could be called a game of musical chessmen. This is a fitting theme for chess playing musicians. Join us and share your love for music and chess.

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  • Ok, theoretical question. What is the technical term for it when you play D Ionian over the key of G, or in general, when you play the fifth note of a scale, but play it in its own Ionian mode?

    by BirdBrain 2 years ago

  • Fight fight fight!!

    by winerkleiner 2 years ago

  • Go get em fellas. Three of us are fighting in a 960 battle.

    by Dischyzer 2 years ago

  • We've been challenged to a 360 match. Is anyone interested? This group could use some activity. I should talk, I've been on little haitus for a while except for some matches in my CoT group.

    by Dischyzer 2 years ago

  • I`m fine thank you. I`ve noticed that there seems to be a lack of member interaction with the exception of seven and thirteen months ago. The latter intrigued me, rather fascinating disussion on the diminished 7th chord !! Can I throw in the word enharmonic as a preferable and practical approach to diminished chords

    by rayice 2 years ago

  • Hello how are you?

    by winerkleiner 2 years ago

  • Hello everyone, I`m new to the group !!

    by rayice 2 years ago

  • Can I be an admin?

    by Violet_D 3 years ago

  • Yea, hey, dudes! let us in!

    by camiller0122 3 years ago

  • Wish I knew I need to study more music so I can be as FANCY as PIANO!!! :3 <3's

    by WeisseSchachlade 3 years ago